Design Indaba 2015

General Decor Ideas

eDécor attended the Design Indaba 2014. The Design Indaba is always well attended and this year was no different. We found some truly inspirational exhibitors. Here is a summary. Enjoy!


Mungo Design

Mungo Design uses the timeless art of weaving to reflect the dynamic fusion of modern and classical influences. It designs and manufactures exquisite natural fibre fabrics, which are both useful and enduring while bringing beauty into people's lives. 

Design Indaba 2012 - Mungo Design



Whether seriously sophisticated or wildly whimsical, the focus is on stylish creations with a subtle African influence. Tintown's custom-designed and intricately detailed decor pieces are available in a variety of vibrant colours and sizes, which can be altered according to individual specifications.

Design Indaba 2012 - Tin Town


High Thorn

High Thorn designs an exclusive range of hand-crafted products including twig/driftwood chandeliers, leather chandeliers and pendants, floor lamps, solid jacaranda candle stands as well as beautifully designed coffee tables. Products are distributed locally and internationally.

Design Indaba 2012 - High Thorn


Vogel Design

John Vogel has a design background in architecture and first started creating furniture as a student. Although he has worked in many materials, his strongest affinity is for timber and most of his inspiration comes from the natural world and the exploration of organic forms.

Design Indaba 2012 - Vogel Design


Feeling Africa

Feeling African we make wire furniture that range from side tables, coffee tables, stools and fruit bowls. We promote job creation in South Africa.

Design Indaba 2012 - Feeling Africa


Carole Nevin Design

Our beautiful hand-painted range covers a wide variety of products such as tablecloths, table runners, serviettes, placemats, aprons, tea cosies, oven gloves, potholders, tray cloths, tea towels, tea nets, shopping bags, cushion covers, duvet (quilt) covers, pillows, curtains, and laundry bags. The products come in an exciting range of designs including African/Tribal, Botanical, Beach House, Floral, Mediterranean, Mexican and Contemporary.

Design Indaba 2012 - Carole Nevin Design



Kaross creates tableware, homeware, art pieces, wall hangings and bed linen. Kaross embraces the art of hand craft to produce unique, natural, contemporary furniture pieces.

Design Indaba 2012 - Kaross


Abundant African Art

Aaart (Abundant African Art) was founded in 2007 by Kerry Elliot on the realization that there was an opportunity to express and explore her creativity and at the same time improve the sustainability of the extremely talented but struggling wire artists in Durban.

Design Indaba 2012 - Abundant Africa


Jared Odell Furniture & Design

Jared Odell is an industrial designer and has a range of furniture that is supplied to select local retailers. He also sells customisations to the public, and does bespoke design. 

Design Indaba 2012 - Jared Odell


Andy Cartwright Homeware

Andy Cartwright Homeware, the new global division of Andy C established in 2001, aims to fill people's homes with a sense of fun with two exclusive signature ranges. By putting their passion for innovation at the heart of the creative process, Andy Cartwright's team of designers has successfully brought a product range that is contemporary in every respect to the South African market. Karol combines versatile components to create stylish, inspiring and modern home decor. Shear is a vibrant, offbeat tableware range that displaysa daring marriage of silicone and chrome.

Design Indaba 2012 - Andy Cartwright


Snap Design

The possibility of having a subtle impact on humanity through inspirational products was the motivation behind Jonathan Fundudis and Renko Nieman when they established Snapp Design in 2001. With qualifications in industrial design and mechanical engineering respectively, their quest was encouraged by the process of discovery, redefining products through new understandings, yet remaining true to self.

Design Indaba 2012 - Snap Design


Design Kist

Design Kist offers a treasure trove of seamless digital surface patterns from South African designers. Designs can be downloaded and applied to a variety of surfaces for commercial purposes, or ordered already printed onto wallpapers and fabrics.

Design Indaba 2012 - Design Kist


David Krynauw

David Krynauw. “The opportunity to realize one’s creative passions has always been important to me. In our modern society, we seldom get the chance to question whether what we are doing is something that truly brings fulfillment. Designing and creating unique furniture is what motivates me. I have always had the aspiration to accomplish something different with my life. While exploring the art of woodwork I discovered the perfect way to express myself."

Design Indaba 2012 - David Krynauw


Drift Furniture

Drift Furniture is a craft-intensive, green range of designer furniture by architect Anthony Martin launched three years ago. The brand includes lounge chairs, clocks, lamps and tables with built-in bio-ethanol fire burners. All pieces are made from the brand's signature weathered, reclaimed wood.

Design Indaba 2012 - Drift Furniture


Liesel Trautman

Liesel Trautman makes beautiful porcelain homeware - cups plates, jugs, vases, bowls and more. Each item is individually finished with loving care, and attention to detail. The reuslting items have a unique personal style that trancends their functionality.


Design Indaba 2012 - Liesel Trautman