Small Kitchen Space Saving

Kitchen Decor Ideas

Less is more, right? And even though it may seem like an obstacle at first, a small kitchen can be a cute, fully functioning, intensive workspace rather than a cluttered and pokey hole. Follow our tips and your kitchen will be transformed in no time.


Sliding Doors

Consider whether you want to keep your small kitchen intact or knock through an interconnecting wall to open it up to the living area. This doesn’t mean being permanently committed to open–plan living. You can divide any large opening with sliding doors and wooden floor–to–ceiling door systems will look traditional and warm without being too domineering.


Open Doors

Don’t obsess about the traditional kitchen rule of sink, oven and hob in a user–friendly triangle formation. Position them in a way that suits your kitchen and the way you cook. However, you mustn’t forget about doors; your oven (preferably a double oven or with built–in microwave) door should be able to open fully without hitting anything else. Experiment before you install or use sliding doors on cupboards to avoid this.


Scaling the heights

Whether your kitchen works best as an ‘L’ shape, a straight linear formation (one wall), or on opposing walls (galley), aim high to incorporate as much storage space as possible. Covering one wall in floor to ceiling built–in units also looks deliciously high–end Italian. 

Small Kitchen

Blank Space

Keep one wall relatively uncluttered and position a fold–down table or bar with neat bar stools tucked up against the wall. Bar stools are great if you don’t have a dining area elsewhere and need to utilise space. If you are having a bespoke kitchen made, look at the possibility of a pull–out breakfast bar top from beneath part of the work surface. This could also function as extra food preparation space.


Tall Orders

Don’t forget to find room for a full–height cabinet in one corner of the room that will accommodate kitchen equipment such as the ironing board, vacuum cleaner, fold–up baby high seat, mop and broom. If you can’t find room in your kitchen, try to plan one elsewhere – unless you insist on never ironing or cleaning, it’s pretty essential. Or perhaps relocate these items to the spare bedroom wardrobe instead?



Avoid extraneous, space–swamping electric gadgets like blenders (a hand blender will do most jobs), toasters (what’s wrong with the grill?), or kettles, juicers or coffee machines unless you use them all the time.  Any other worktop machine should multi-task. Get your microwave built-in above your oven or even in a high-up cupboard.


Use other rooms

Remove all non-daily kitchen utensils, crockery and accessories to a giant but stunning cupboard or armoire in your dining/living area/hall. This could be a gorgeous vintage armoire that becomes a living room focal point, or a sleek modern style. Whatever works with the style of the rest of your house.


Hot Appliances

Where white goods are on show, make them beautiful. Make a style statement by investing in a design classic like a pink smeg fridge freezer. So stylish, you could even place it in a hallway or living area than the kitchen. A great solution for the space starved (and midnight munchies).


Go a little bit crazy

Pick one feature, perhaps your splashback or work surface to really make the most of. Try bespoke worktops or colourful glass splashbacks to catch the eye and create a focal point for the room.