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From an early age Kim showed an interest in many different creative expressions. Having grown up with parents involved in the advertising industry she soon developed a passion for styling and design.

After a course in make up and special effects she joined Marie Claire Magazine where she cut her teeth with some of the industry’s best feature writers and fashion editors.

In 2004 she went freelance and was snapped up by clients like American Swiss, Cameo, Triumph, Yardley and many other influential companies. The essence of working with Kim is her sensitivity and understanding of the brand. From the J&B Met to Ackermans kids shoots, to finding the right decor for a home ware feature. Whether it is above the line or below the line her understanding of the job at hand finds the right line.

Creating great brands means creating the right personality, and it’s Kim’s personality that her clients resonate with. They say dynamite comes in small packages and as always Kim answers the brief.

Kim Gray Blog

Kim Gray's blog serves as a portfolio of Kim’s Fashion, Decor and Lifestyle Styling along with her daily inspirations, on shoot experiences and finds.

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