International Decor Ideas & Trends - October 2011

International Trends

EeStairs - 1m2 Stairs

Now you can enjoy a beautiful, functional staircase where conventional staircases are not practical. 

EeStairs’ new space saving stairs allow you to do more with less. 

There are many situations where a property can be enhanced by creating a useable space from a redundant upper level; However, a consistent factor is limited space. 

The introduction of a staircase to provide access to a proposed upper level will invariably compromise the floor space below where originally no stairs were intended. EeStairs unique patented 1m2 staircase® EeStairs have developed the 1m2 ® staircase; a functional, stylish and safe solution designed to fit into openings of just 1m x 1m. 

The 1m2 ® staircase is an excellent example of how a practical problem can lead to an artistic solution.

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Eestairs - 1m2 - Stairs  Eestairs - 1m2 - Stairs

Pedrali - Dress Chair

'Dress' is a family of upholstered chairs that includes armchairs and side chairs.

The frame and legs are made of oak. The upholstery may be in quilted or plain fabric. Leather or eco leather in a wide range of types and colours is also available. 

The slenderness of the legs, which are square in section and taper down to become round, with quilted upholstery evoke the feeling of an elegant dress. 

Although the chairs appear light and elegant, they have exceptional strength that make them suitable for public areas.

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Perdrali - Dress Chair  Perdrali - Dress Chair

Vitra - L'Oiseau Decor Accessory

While furniture is undoubtedly the core element of any interior design, it is only when furnishings are combined with decorative and personal items that an atmospherically rich and vibrant collage is created. Fabric, colours, lighting, objects and accessories evoke sensory impressions that allow rooms to be designed and redesigned in line with altered moods and requirements. 

Natural themes have played a critical role since the earliest known interiors. L‘Oiseau, the representation of a bird in repose, was designed initially as a non- commissioned work by Vitra. Shaped from maple wood and gently smoothed it fits in with modern interiors without being at all cutesy or kitschy like many other animal figures.

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Vitra - L'Oiseau  Vitra - L'Oiseau