International Decor Ideas & Trends - November 2011

International Trends

e!5 - ST04 Backenzahntm Stool 

With its four identical legs made of solid wood, the stool promotes a sturdy presence. The legs taper downward with two deliberate incisions. The slightly concave seat provides comfort when sitting. The stool can also be supplied with a flat top to be used as a side table.

"e15" represents timeless design, exclusive materials and top quality manufacture. The company works together with architects, artists and designers to create a collection that offers functionality and comfort with a pared-down, modern look. "e15" creates individual products with a high recognition factor that adapt to different space concepts and personal preferences and thus contribute to a calm ambience.

"e15" was founded in 1995 in London. Since then, the company has been known for its exclusive and timeless interior designs and has developed into an international brand with a worldwide distribution from its present facilities in Germany.

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e15 - ST04 Backenzahn Stool  e15 - ST04 Backenzahn Stool

Pastoe - Boxes Cupboards

'Boxes' were designed with the philosophy that a cabinet composition should form part of a room's architecture. 

The cupboards do not have handles. The cupboard doors open and close using a push-touch system. Endless variations of volume, colour and layout may be commissioned to create a unique architecture.

Simplicity, timelessness, quality and craftsmanship are at the centre of Pastoe's design philosophy. 

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Pastoe - Boxes - Cupboards  Pastoe - Boxes - Cupboards

B-Line - Abra Table

The 'Abra' is a minimalist low table made of scratchproof painted steel.

It is available in two different heights which, thanks to the geometry of their lines, dovetail perfectly. Colours include white and expresso brown.

'B-Line' started manufacturing furnishing complements in 1999.  Their design philosophy is to capture you with its products versatility, originality and functionality.

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B-Line Abra  B-Line Abra

Zeitraum - Mellow Daybed

The 'Mellow Daybed' is an upholstered sofa in the shape of a chair that is long enough to support your legs. Its soft back pillow and upholstered roll offer comfort for sitting or reclining alike. 

The fine lines, delecate frame and soft upholstery materials are the hallmarks of this daybed.

Zeitraum's design philosophy is that the objects which accompany us through life should have character, whilst also being practical, adaptable and unobtrusive. 

'Zeitraum' furniture is attractive because it is of good quality not because of designer frills. It impresses without dominating - exciting in its simplicity.

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Zeitraum Mellow Daybed  Zeitraum Mellow Daybed