International Decor Ideas & Trends - May 2012

International Trends

Studiobility - Rocking Beauty Chair

The 'Rocking Beauty' is an extension of the inner beauty concept. It is a piece where femininity meets the masculinity in the form of decorations and materials. 

The materials of the 'Rocking Horse' are inspired by the hydro electric dams and aluminum smelting factories being built in Iceland, destroying and drowning a huge part of nature; Plywood represents the earth, macaroon represents clarity/water, aluminum represents the aluminium smelting factories, the inside of the 'Rocking Beauty' represents nature and the barcode on the outside represents capitalism…

The water jet cut layers of materials and how they are combined is what makes each piece unique.

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Studiobility - Rocking Beauty - Rocking Chair  Studiobility - Rocking Beauty - Rocking Chair

Dedon - Dala Lounge Chair

'Dala' begins with a colorfully powder-coated frame of extruded aluminum mesh. Through the geometric grid of the mesh, Dedon's master weavers thread the strands of a revolutionary new ecological fiber. Years in development, the fiber, created from recycled food-and-drink packaging mixed with recyclable polyethylene, is yet another industry first from Dedon.

The 'Dala' collection consists of a lounge chair, an ottoman and a stool that doubles as a side table as well as a regular side table. 

Available in three joyful colors - sea, fire and grass - they feature a pattern of stripes of various thicknesses. The recycled food-and-drink packaging gives Dala's fiber a distinctive luster and a rich, almost leather-like texture that's a pleasure to touch. 

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Dedon - Dala Lounge Chair  Dedon - Dala Lounge Chair

Alias - Kobi Chair

A passion for technology, functionality and lightness are the values shared by 'Alias'. 'Kobi' has taken shape as a result of this affinity. 

'Alias' has developed a new type of chair, inspired by the tradition of iron wire chairs, coming up with an elegant and lightweight structure: highly contemporary suspended architecture. 

The body is a sort of rigorous and enveloping basket, created by woven soldered round steel wire. The support belt, made from cast aluminium embraces the seat elegantly, totally enveloping the form. 

The leather or fabric cushions are available for the seat, seat plus back or for the full shell. They are shaped to adhere perfectly to the shell and to form a visual whole with the structure.

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Alias - Kobi Chair  Alias - Kobi Chair

Casamania - Urban Shelving System

The 'Urban' shelving system consists of ‘L’ shaped modules that can be used in any position. A system without hooks or joins allows the user to create walls, screens, horizontal and vertical elements; angles, benches, entertainment systems – anything at all.

A modern piece which stands above the whims of fashion. The infinite possibilities of composition and the vast choice of colours allow the user to create surprising landscapes and furnish their spaces in a dynamic and bright manner.

The 'Urban' shelving system is made from polyethylene.

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Casamania - Urban Shelving System  Casamania - Urban Shelving System