International Decor Ideas & Trends - March 2012

International Trends

Serafini - Wardrobe Coat Hanger

The 'Wardrobe' is a unique coat rack because it reverses the functions of traditional coat hangers by connecting elsewise swinging hangers in a fixed line.

This new arrangement is original and functional! The 'Wardobe' is available in teak or with a coloured coating.

'Serafini' stands for top quality and contemporary product design. Design is a word that is on everyone’s lips, but for this reason, not always alive. Serafini Interior products are designed with fun and put together with thought. Their particular added value lies in the element of surprise. The unexpected gives the user a kick. The surprise is one of joy, and this leads to the desire for more. 

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Sarafini - Wardrobe - Coat Rack  Sarafini - Wardrobe - Coat Rack

Spitzbart - Leporella Staircase

Folded plate staircases (Leporella) by 'Spitzbart' stand out due to their simple and reduced appearance. 

Folded metal sheets, smooth or with texture, connect the levels of living in an elegant way. Combined with banisters made of flat steel it is presented in its utmost beauty.

With 'Spitzbart' you can combine any material to your own taste. Technically (almost) anything is possible. Every staircase creates its own atmosphere in a room. Luxury and simple, colourful or cool - you can adjust the design to the architecture and style of the living space.

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Spitzbart - Leporella Staircase  Spitzbart - Leporella Staircase