International Decor Ideas & Trends - June 2012

International Trends

Brunner - Hoc Barstool

With 'Hoc', 'Brunner' presents a new product, which is a new interpretation of the traditional stool: a stool made of form wood with an extremely reduced designed. Its three identical legs combine to create the seat in an elegant line – "An easily understandable, simple structure looking like a sculpture", say the designers. 

The inlay of the wood emphasizes the reduced, straightforward use of forms. By dispensing with a back rest, sitting is flexible and strengthens the back; this also creates a relaxed communicative situation which is open on all sides. 

The well-proportioned stool is available in two heights – as a bar stool with a footrest and as a low, version, which is even stackable. Clients can choose among options in beech with a natural, stained or coated finish or options in oak with a light, wenge, black stained or matt finish – suitable for various interiors. 

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Brunner - Hoc Barstool  Brunner - Hoc Barstool-2

Gan - Canvase Cushion

'Gan' has transformed traditional handcrafts into everyday objects in contemporary homes.

Cross-stitch that's reinterpreted, their support and materials updated, can be totally transformed yet maintain their essence and bring warmth back to our surroundings. 

Pixel-cross-pixel-cross-pixel-cross... did you ever think your grandmother would be a digital printing expert?

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Gan - Canvase Cushion  Gan - Canvase Cushion

Mooi - Altdeutche Blanket Chest

Dutch brand 'Moooi' presents 'Altdeutsche Möbel', a new collection of furniture consisting of a blanket chest, grandfather clock and cupboard. 

The aesthetic aspect of the pieces are derived from the decorative manner of antique frankish furniture, translating old german hand-painted objects into playful designs. 

There is always something magic about the word chest, even if it's simply meant to store blankets in a charming vintage way... In this case the magic originates from the intricate pattern of symbols designed on its surface, creating a mysterious message that waits to be deciphered.

'Moooi' leads the understanding of culture, human needs and technology. It contributes by creating successful innovative design-collections and unprecedented value for its consumers.

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Moooi - Altdeutche Blanket Chest  Moooi - Altdeutche Blanket Chest