International Decor Ideas & Trends - July 2012

International Trends

Addinterior - Angel Stool

A sculptural stool with a poetic shape evoking an angel with the wings spread out. 

The 'Angel' stool consists of a minimalistic seat and base made of steel rods. The result is a very comfortable and robust stool that is both decorative and practical in use.

'Addinterior' is a young Danish company supplying furniture in modern Scandinavian design. The clean and functional design in their furniture is always combined with the careful selection of fine and reliable materials and good traditional craftsmanship.

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Addinterior - Angel Stool  Addinterior - Angel Stool

Gaga & Design - Punti Bench

Asymmetrical shape & roomy enough to seat 3 people, Punti delivers comfortable irreverence and elegant playfulness.

Inspired by a bouquet of flowers leaning on each other, the 'Punti Bench' is a gracious and contemporary definition of similarities becoming one unit.

'Gaga & Design' was founded by Yaacov Kaufman and Avi Bourla, with a commitment to contemporary design furniture and art directing.

Kaufman, a seasoned award winning designer, is known for his experimental approach to design; whether it’s the potential of certain materials, or the exploration of morphology in all its dimensions.

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Gaga Design - Punti Bench  Gaga Design - Punti Bench