International Decor Ideas & Trends - January 2013

International Trends

FORMvorRAT - Island Tabletop

The 'Island' tabletop makes an exceptional piece of furniture. With its rounded edges, it's like a flat stone, floating visually. The free disposition of the frame makes the tabletop particularly eye-catching at it creates a new impression from all sides, like an island.

The 'Island' tabletop is available in a number of colours with a high-gloss finish.

The organically shaped tabletop fits in perfectly with a variety of seating and upholstered furniture.

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FORMvorRAT - Island Tabletop  FORMvorRAT - Island Tabletop

Wilkhahn - Asienta Chair

The 'Asienta' range offers comfort and design in a class of its own. The chair is captured in a stylish, subtly organically shaped aluminium frame and appears to be perfectly enveloped in sophisticated cushioning and covers. 

It has a soft appearance, but is firmly upholstered. This cube-shaped seating offers outstanding comfort with a certain cachet. The chairs and sofas are based on precisely shaped cubes whose side and back panels are softly enveloped by covers that appear seamless. 

The stylish supporting structure consists of four slender, die-cast aluminium legs with gently curved profiles. 

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Wilkhahn- Asienta Chair  Wilkhahn - Asienta Chair