International Decor Ideas & Trends - January 2012

International Trends

Pedrali - Woody Barstool

The 'Woody' barstool is a stylish wooden stool with a cool, contemporary seat design. 

It is available in different versions. Each version gives a completely different look to the barstool. 

The barstool comes in fixed or adjustable height versions. It has a chromed steel base, stem and footrest. 

The seat may be finished in whitened oak, wenge veneer, black or white laminate covering, or white laminate outer with black laminate inner.

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Pedrali - Woody Barstool  Pedrali - Woody Barstool

Draenert - Leaves Coffee Table

'Leaves' is a piece of furniture with a strong symbolism. The wood grain of this table resembles a leaf. Emanated from the elementary base pattern of a triangle in a circle. Leaves expands consciously the possibilities of design. 

Limitless variations allow his table to be used in various furnishing contexts. This table can for example be freely arranged as a round formation, or as a flower. Thus, 'Leaves' shows its flexibility as a coffee or as a side table.

The table top is made of solid, oiled American walnut and the pedestal is made of coated steel, anthracite-colour.

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Draenert - Leaves Coffee Table  Draenert - Leaves Coffee Table

MMCite - Woody Bench

Nature as a principle. The 'Woody' bench bench is inspired by the aesthetics of aging timber. 

Its massive frame consists of wooden panels that are firmly fixed together with six stainless steel screws. The main block is situated on optically subtle steel legs, as if it were floating above the ground. 

The bench is completely maintenance-free. The wood is left without any coating and is only impregnated against pests so it ages naturally and beautifully. 

The 'Woody' line is supplied in modules. These could be further arranged in various linear or closed formations.

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MMCite - Woody Bench  MMCite - Woody Bench

Zeitraum - Morph Chair & Pouf

'Morph Lounge' brings together an unusual combination of materials: The solid wood frame carries a comfortable upholstered shell. The positioning of the legs gives the chair a unique posture, as if it had a support and a free leg. The softly formed seat invites you to take a seat. 

The comfort of the lounger is even greater when combinded with the 'Morph Pouf'. With the 'Morph Pouf' you can relax and put your feet up or of course, just sit on it as a stool.

Due to its compact dimensions this straightforward chair exudes an air of lightness that requires only a small area. It feels at home in a wide diversity of spacial situations.

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Zeitraum  - Morph Chair and Pouf  Zeitraum  - Morph Chair and Pouf