International Decor Ideas & Trends - February 2012

International Trends

Lampert - Tie Break Armchair

Simple lines and an intriguing mix of materials make the 'Tie Break' outdoor armchair a very special piece of design.

The armchair combines tennis netting, safety belts and flat-rolled steel in a very unconventional way. A little rough, a bit different.

Many items of garden furniture require cushions to be comfortable enough to sit on and therefore can only remain outside during periods of good weather. Due to the fact that the 'Tie Break' is made of tennis netting with edging made from safety belts, the result is an extremely comfortable outdoor chair that needs no additional cushions and does not have to be taken inside when it's raining. It can simply stay outside the whole year round.

The 'Tie Break' is available in black or blue.

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Lampert - Tie Break -1  Lampert - Tie Break - 2

Established & Sons - Store Kitchen Storage Jars

The gently obtuse angles to be found on this collection of kitchen storage jars are inspired by the forms of space capsules.

The unlikely homage to all things space age is continued in a palate of subtle metallic glazes.

A matt glaze is applied to the base of the jars providing grip to work surfaces.

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Established & Sons - Kitchen Storage Jars -1  Established & Sons - Kitchen Storage Jars -1

Ligne Roset - Bidum Basket

The 'Bidum' basket is not just a storage item. It swings, shimmies, and shakes like some sort of cross between a Slinky and a giant Koosh Ball.

'Bidum' is made from strips of spring steel covered in cotton, a process that requires a degree of handcraft. 

'Bidum' is a dynamic object, a fascinating container. It can be used for anything, you define what it contains! Of course, it’s more inclined to bounce when empty.

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