International Decor Ideas & Trends - April 2012

International Trends

Weamo - Bright Kids Midi Stool

The bright kids range contains stools which are in bright and vibrant colours, perfect for fitting in with bedroom and playroom colour schemes.

Stools are delivered fully assembled ready to be used straight from the box. Suitable for 3+ years

Richard James Wearmouth, founder and head designer of 'Weamo', has 10 years experience as a product designer. Weamo strive to design and manufacture high quality, fun and functional products, primarily children’s furniture that compliments a contemporary home environment.

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Waemo - Bright Kids Midi Stool  Waemo - Bright Kids Midi Stool

Arper - Saya Chair

'Saya' is a mark, a gesture, a graphic sign, rendered in wood to finish a space like a signature. Fluid in line, warm in material; its silhouette is bold, striking. The sum is more than the parts: 'Saya' inspires inclusion in diverse environments from home to office.

'Saya' is fabricated in three different wood colours and lacquered in various natural shades, to permit variable yet cohesive combination. The four-leg base is available in wood or chrome-finish steel. The four-leg chrome-finish steel version is stackable to allow for large-scale use and storage.

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Arper - Saya Chair  Arper - Saya Chair

Established & Sons - Two Timer Clock

'Established & Sons' acknowledges the modern condition of a mass movement of people between countries and time zones through the design of the 'Two Timer' clock. 

Here, two clocks share the same face. The shape of the (formally atypical) clock face is stretched to accommodate the two timepieces as if someone has stretched a round clock to form a newly functional corner. 

Two quartz movements, with a carefully devised dial, are housed in a plastic frame. 

'Two Timer' is available in two sizes.

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Established & Sons - Two Timer Clock  Established & Sons - Two Timer Clock