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Vacation rental management company, Nox Rentals, gets some tips from interior designer Steven Graham on sprucing up a holiday home with ease.


Steven Graham - Property Magazine - Keep it Sunny


Second homes allow you the freedom to spend time away from your main residence without worrying about accommodation. But they can be expensive and a real effort to maintain.


The vacation rental industry is one of the fastest-growing travel trends and a viable option for owners of second homes to earn some income from their leisure properties.


One benefit of renting out your second home for short-term rental, as opposed to long term, is that you can still access the property when you want. And holiday rental income far outweighs any long-term rental projections – especially during summer in Cape Town.


Managing your vacation rental property can be time consuming. Some owners take this on as a full-time job; others outsource the role to a property management company. To get the maximum return on investment from your second home, you need to ensure that it is marketable. What sets a quality vacation rental apart from fly-by-night ventures is the property owner’s commitment to putting it into the short-term rental market. Properties that build up a reputation for excellence and top luxury standards will continue to get bookings.


Property management companies should take care of everything, from the maintenance of your property (to ensure wear and tear and damages don’t become a hassle for you) to the marketing and guest relations.


When choosing a property management company, make sure it is fully bonded and registered with tourism entities, such as the Southern Africa Tourism Association (SATSA), and the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), to prevent any financial fraud.


Nox Rentals is based in Camps Bay, to ensure that it is in close proximity to the properties it manages. Established in 2003, Nox Rentals is trusted and respected in the vacation rental industry. It is also fully bonded, and a member of the SATSA and EAAB.


How to get that lap-of-luxury look

You may need to invest a little in your property for maximum returns, but this needn’t cost a fortune. The trick to turning a second home into an upmarket rental is to make it easy on the eye, clean and comfortable.


  • Remove anything that reminds you of your primary home, the office and everything that stresses you out! Remove clutter, too. • Keep all the decor neutral and fresh. 
  • Keep the colour theme consistent. Try to stick to three colours for the interior and then, for warmth and interest, add colourful cushions, flowers and artwork. 
  • Make sure there is a reasonably sized TV and a comfortable couch for those rainy days when you want to block out the world and watch movies. 
  • Where do you eat? Is there a breakfast counter or a dining room table? 
  • Keep one spot aside for quiet time.