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“I love working with D3 interiors, because of their ability to listen and interpret your thoughts, the final outcome is ultimately better than anything you could have envisioned alone. D3 come up with the ideas that make rooms attractive, while remaining functional and very liveable. Karen is a very easy person to work with. She is competitively priced and to this day still helps me to keep updating my home.”


“Having successfully worked with Karen Thiel on previous projects, I was confident that with her qualifications as an interior designer, she would do another great job for Amrod Corporate. She helped us with every phase of the construction and in designing every space. She has outstanding knowledge of the planning and designing of offices. From selecting the lighting, wall textures, colours, flooring and carpeting.

D3 has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, ambition and creativity. Their ability to adapt to their client’s needs is remarkable, as is their ability to work within budgetary constraints. They consistently provide great solutions in the design of our showroom.”


“D3 assisted in selecting window treatments, carpets, paint colours and accessories. Making my existing furniture integrate beautifully with the new pieces, the decisions we made helped me to achieve a fabulous and comfortable environment that I’ll enjoy for many years to come. I love colour but find it very hard to visualize what the finished product will look like. When Karen proposed dark colours to the walls of my living room, I was somewhat unsure, but had full confidence in her ability to steer me in the right direction. The end result is now a breathtaking room which now has ambience and warmth, which the previous white walls simply lacked.”


“D3 went room to room throughout our home, transforming each room one at a time. Each time I walked into one of those completed rooms I just smiled. D3 has this casual chic style that just makes me happy to be in those rooms.”


“It’s pretty easy to find a good interior designer, but to find one that has our budget in mind is much more difficult. Karen doesn’t move onto the next room until she has finished every detail, down to the candles or the perfect coffee table book. I have found that most designers want to help you with the big expensive items and never quite finish with the small details. D3 does it all!”


“D3 always come to our meetings totally prepared. They had our colour swatches, fabric pieces, carpet samples etc., things you need when you are out making decisions. D3 had a way of helping us “zero in” on the right choice. That’s what we learned on this project, details make the difference and that’s when designers like D3 are worth their weight in gold. D3 has completely transformed my house into a warm and beautiful home, and most importantly it reflects my taste and personality. It is hard to describe what design style my house follows as it is completely unique and has evolved by mixing all the individual pieces that I have loved.”