Cocomosaic - Going nuts over new eco-friendly wall cladding

Supplier Press Releases

Coconuts are synonymous with exotic tropical holiday destinations, but thanks to an innovative job creation project in Indonesia, coconut shells are now being made into stylish, upmarket wall cladding tiles. The products are exported to America, Europe and many other destinations, and are now available in South Africa.


Cocomosaic tiles are hand-made by cutting the coconut shells into small, perfectly sized squares, and then bonding the squares into larger tiles. Various colours and finish effects are available, and only water-based adhesives and paints are used in the manufacture of the tiles. The end effect is a stylish, richly textured, warm and interesting cladding, and it’s all natural and eco-friendly.


The coconut shells used are either collected by local people, or are obtained as the waste products from the processing of coconut flesh and coconut milk. The products are eco-friendly, being made from natural materials that would otherwise be discarded. Only water-based, low emission glues, lacquers and paints are used in manufacturing the Cocomosaic products.


In addition to the coconut shell mosaic tiles, the company also produces mosaic tiles from mahogany tree bark (a waste product from the timber industry), and tiles from reclaimed timber such as pallets and crates. This innovative beneficiation of former waste products into desirable décor items has been highly successful in creating employment and generating an income for hundreds of people in Indonesia. In fact, Cocomosaic has won presidential awards in Indonesia for job creation and export.


Cocomosiac tiles are richly textured and give an exotic, elegant ambience. Different looks are obtained by using either the inside or the outside of the shells, and by making use of polishing techniques and paint effects.


The tiles can be attached to any firm surface using silicone glue or other tile adhesives, and the tiles are easily cut to size and shape using a small angle grinder or even a jigsaw. The Cocomosaic tiles have an interesting texture and a warm, natural but sophisticated look, making them ideal for accenting a feature wall. Although primarily used for wall cladding, the tiles also have applications in ceilings, furniture and even flooring.


Panda Bamboo Products is the appointed South African agent and distributor for the complete range of Cocomosaic interior cladding tiles.