Carrol Boyes - Martine Jackson Collection

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New range designed and produced by Martine Jackson for Carrol Boyes.


Cape Town based Martine Jackson is the creative co-director of the Carrol Boyes brand as well as a ceramicist in her own right. Ceramics remains a great passion for Martine, who was introduced to it by her late mother, ceramicist Barbara Jackson.


Distinctive organic shapes adorned with repetitive patterns are the hallmark of Martine Jackson’s one-of-a-kind, hand-built ceramic pieces. This is reflected in Curve, her debut range of ceramics for Carrol Boyes.


She draws inspiration primarily from nature - from the earth with its myriad textures, mountain contours and organic patterns, regular or irregular. Although there is a dynamic tension between the structure of each piece and the surface decoration, the lasting impression is one of harmony and balance. 


Available at selected Carrol Boyes dedicated stores from October 2011.


Carrol Boyes - Martine Jackson Collection