Carrol Boyes - Copper Sling Man

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This elegant and interesting bowl named Sling Man – is just one example from a new range of products by Carrol Boyes.


Available in October, the dynamic body of work, which has taken a year to complete, represents the results of the successful collaboration between Carrol and her two stepdaughters, Kim and Martine, who are now also the Creative Directors of the brand.


Kim Jackson-Meltzer and Martin Jackson-Klotz both grew up in an artistic environment. They graduated from the Michaelis School of art at the University of Cape Town.


Both women have strengths in different areas which, combined with Carrol’s expertise and guidance, allows for interesting and unique designs. The varying skills and capabilities of Kim and Martine’s means they are able to complement each other in the work they do as Creative Directors of Carrol’s company.


Martine specializes in graphic design and creative direction, but to add to this she is a professional ceramicist and is extremely skilled in this area, which can be seen in her highly original work. Recently, she was commissioned by the developers of the V&A Waterfront Marina in Cape Town where she was asked to create installations for the lobbies of eight apartment buildings.


Kim, whose intrinsic understanding of brand development was facilitated by the time she spent as a product designer in the USA, Europe and South Africa, has worked with high end brands such as Harrods London, Kelly Hoppen, Neiman Marcus, Sferra Bros and Century Furniture to name but  a few. She brings her expertise and experience in the areas of styling, product design and creative direction to the company.


The inimitable combination of Kim, Martine and Carrol means that the company has been able to mark its twenty first year with a truly unforgettable and unique product range. Their combined passion for business and design undoubtedly creates a positive future for the already world renowned company.

Carrol Boyes - Coper Sling Man