Zimbos Trading

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About Us

"We invite you to explore our world of passion for solid wooden flooring and decking. Our team will lead you through the process of choosing and installing one of the many beautiful timbers available, to give your home the added dimension of timeless quality that timber brings."


Choose from our extensive range of solid and engineered tongue and grooved floors, in a variety of widths and lengths. We specialize in the installation of strip floors using a choice of traditional style (nailed on batons) , glue down Sika system (direct to concrete), or laid on Elastilon patented systems. We offer advice on the correct method to suit your needs! These floors come in a choice of either pre-finished coatings (for an easy dust free installation); or hand sanded and coated finishes, for the ultimate in personalized coatings to suit your specific needs.


Parquet floors are making a strong come back in the world of solid wood flooring ! Choose from traditional Zim Teak mosaic tiles ideal for commercial applications, to the intricate herringbone and Versaille panels manufactured from Oak or Teak for ultimate impact in the home.

Sports Flooring

Sports floors (or sprung floors) can be used for a variety of purposes, to satisfy a number of different activities. Basket ball, martial arts, and dance are but a few activities taking place on sports floors, and there are a wide variety of timbers to choose from. Sports floors can be installed in both large public stadiums and small studios for the home.


Solid wood staircases create an incredible feature in the home or work place, and are worth the additional spend! Solid wood treads and risers can be clad directly to either concrete or steel framework, while floating stair treads on stringers (wood or steel) give a wonderful feeling of space and design.


Wooden decking adds a touch of class to any external area, and can be used as both a feature and for practical purposes of creating additional living space. Decking can be installed and left to weather to a beautiful silvery grey with the elements, or sealed with either a water based sealant or decking oil, to accentuate the natural grain of the timber. Our preferred decking timbers are Garapa, Zimbabwean Teak, and Ipe.

Zim Teak Patio and Outdoor Furniture

Choose from our quality range of hand crafted Zim Teak furniture, ideal for outdoor or patio use. Zim Teak is one of the hardest most stable timbers, and subsequently stands up admirably to the harshness of the Cape winter, or the extreme temperatures of an African summer!

Pergola's, Benches, Balustrade & Timber Cladding

We also install pergola's, benches, balustrade and timber cladding.