Van den Berghs

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The art of fine furniture

There is very little that is conventional about Van den Bergh’s furniture. The reason for this becomes quite apparent once you know more about designer/owner Terese Van den Bergh. Mother of three and manager of a staff of fifty, her approach to the business is extremely professional and exceptionally personal – rare traits in an industry know for its copy-cat designs and mass production lines. Every Van den Bergh item is custom made to client requirements and production doesn’t begin until the specifications are personally endorsed and approved by Terese. There is no doubt, her high standards make every piece of exclusive Van den Bergh furniture an extremely desirable addition to any home. More than furniture, it is an investment which can be passed on for generations to come.


An authentic taste of Africa

The signature of every Van den Bergh original is the tasteful African styling, which adds a rustic, ethnic flavour to your décor. Whatever your lifestyle requirements, Terese and her team of consultants provide personal advice on how Van den Bergh’s furniture can be enhance the space available – and bring the free spirit of Africa into your home. Every couch and chair is crafted from the finest quality skins and hides; including genuine Ostrich, Kudu, Eland, Buffalo and Zebra. All materials are obtained from sources which act in accordance with the strict conservation laws of Africa. Rare, hand-crafted kelims are also used as an exotic upholstery option.


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