Trendy Bendy

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About Us

Trendy Bendy is a locally based company in Cape Town where our artisans handcraft each product from raw materials until finished product. Itís a timeous process that brings out the best look in the various wood variants with a quality finish. Our production process is complimented by using sustainable methods.

The Trendy Bendy comes in 8 variants consisting of 3 different woods: Oak, Kiaat and Pine. Various combinations of each allow you to pick the ones that best suit your home. Whats makes the Trendy Bendy unique is its flexibility, which gives it the ability take on many forms. There are many uses from one single Trendy Bendy. These include: Bendable Sofa Tray, placemat, cheese platter board, hot plate platform, TV dinner tray, laptop tray, iPad support, drinks holder and we are sure that as your use your Trendy Bendy, you shall too come up with your own unique uses for it. Trendy Bendyís are sold in select retail outlets across the country or you can purchase them online through our website.