Peter Osborn Furniture

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About Us

November 1998 was the start of what was then intended to be a small business manufacturing a unique range of hand made clock casings and household accessories. The business has expanded and so too has the product range. 

With nearly 600 standard products and a choice of 30 paint finishes, we supply a growing market with an unusual range of furniture and accessories that can be used throughout the home.

Kitchens have become an important focus and we specialize in a Free Standing Concept. Individual pieces of furniture are put together to create a very unusual and yet practical kitchen layout.

Each product made in our factory has been tried and tested. Many hours of product development and research have gone into the manufacturing process. Attention to the smallest detail is meticulously applied and we are constantly trying to improve.

We are based in Epping in the Western Cape, and we deliver country wide. We have also successfully designed and delivered to many International destinations.

The furniture industry is competitive and challenging, but at the same time also exciting. In many respects our unusual designs and unique paint finishes have helped establish a market for our range of product. We set standards and trends that are often copied, but seldom perfected.