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About Us

OmniSolutions is a turnkey SmartHome and SmartBiz Systems Integrator.

Based in Cape Town, our focus has been on providing turnkey automation solutions for modern homes and boardrooms for the last six years with projects ranging from simple lighting control and security systems to fully automated board rooms and sophisticated smart homes.

Our unique value proposition is our extensive integration skills developed from years of building large-scale IT Networks & Systems and integrating software systems for some of the world’s largest corporations.

By implementing the same methodologies in your SmartHome or SmartBiz solution, we ensure a lifestyle enhancing experience with seamless integration as opposed to the ‘sticky-tape’ implementations we so often see in the market. By integrating state-of-the-art products and equipment, OmniSolutions enhances your home and lifestyle, while adding value and ensuring a Return on Investment.

We are a technology company and do not focus on products only we can supply, a traditional trick employed by suppliers to lock you in. This means that the choice of product is entirely dependant on what will be best for our clients. We only supply products that are backed by multiple dealers in the Western Cape, have a strong installed based and with a proven track-record for reliability. In addition we only use open-ended software. This gives our clients the peace of mind that there will always be support available to them and that no-one can lock them into a relationship not desired.

Our services range from consultation, design, development, installation & programming, right up to training and support. Our installation teams are trained in implementing all aspects of a fully integrated SmartHome including security systems, lighting control, audio & visual systems, and all other aspects of a complete installation.

If our client appoints his or her own architect, electrician or joiner, the Omnisol team will gladly work with them. If not, resident experts are available to consult on all areas of the project.

OmniSolutions assists corporate customers to custom-design fully automated boardrooms and other audio/ visual installations such as display areas and monitor centers to the required specification.

By choosing OmniSolutions you will form a long-term partnership with a highly experienced team of technical experts whose single goal is to enhance your lifestyle through the use of technology.


Services offered by OmniSolutions


Smart Home Systems
Home Cinema
Audio / Visual Systems
Smart Biz Systems
Automated Boardrooms


Intelligent Homes

Smart Home Controllers
Internet and Mobile Control
Touch Panels
Audio / Video
Access Control
Heating / Cooling


Residential Systems

Home Cinema
Display Systems
Lifestyle Systems
Multi-Room Audio
Acoustic Design    


Corporate Systems

Display Areas
Monitor Centers