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About Us

Mobelli outdoor furniture is a premier supplier of Garden and Patio furniture for homes, hotels, restaurants and guest houses.

Our dual focus on both the hospitality and home environment means we follow the latest furniture trends and are able to supply stylish garden and patio furniture which can also withstand the harsh hospitality contract environment.

The philosophy which guides us when choosing our outdoor furniture designs foremost concentrates on quality. All of our outdoor furniture should be strong enough as well as withstand the harsh UV rays of the African sun. In addition, It is essential that all our patio and garden furniture will be comfortable to seat, dine and relax on. The 3rd essential element deals with design. Mobelli's furniture must have a unique design not seen at other retailers. This will ensure that your purchase is unique and not found anywhere. As our designs get copied by others, we innovate and bring forth fresh new ideas. Lastly, we look at the price. Our promise to you is that we will supply you with high quality, well designed, comfortable and yet reasonably priced outdoor furniture that will not break the bank. Combining these four elements together brings forth the experience that is Mobelli.