Lula Fabrics

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About Us

Lula Fabrics' fabrics are inspired by life. Designed with passion. And made with love in Cape Town.


About Melissa

When Melissa Kerkhoff was a little girl, she found absolute joy in the beauty and colour around her. Whether a pattern, a leaf, a wisp of fabric, ribbon or flower – they all offered a myriad of inspirational playmates and endless hours of bliss, as she coloured, collected, cut and created a fascinating wardrobe for herself. This is where her love of fabrics began.

Melissa’s high school artwork was always vibrantly coloured and intricately designed, and after her art teacher suggested a career in textile design, Melissa then studied Textile Design at the Ruth Prowse School of Art.

She started her career in the decor industry at Mavromac, where she got fantastic insight into the world's most beautiful textile collections. Melissa then went on to Home Fabrics, selling their imported ranges, later joined Tessa Sonik, and then began the successful Lula Fabrics company in March 2007.

Each of the Lula Collections captures this passion, and the desire for beautiful, functional fabrics that enliven the spirit and bring joy to the soul.


The Lula Fabrics Collections

Made from 100% cotton or natural linen- all sourced and printed in South Africa. Our cotton is fully washable. The collections are just at home in a covered outdoors area or indoors.


“Damask and Paisley” Collection

A beautiful range inspired by the simplicity of traditional paisley and damask designs, printed with an Indian woodcut flavour. 

  • Soft, romantic, monochromatic colours on sheer, washed linens – for soft drapery.
  • Bold, vibrant pink, lime or red on 100% cotton.


“Delicious Monster” Collection (commissioned for a project in Seychelles)

Inspired by tropical leaves such as the Delicious Monster and Indian ornamental graphics reminiscent of Jacobean designs.

  • Perfect for covered outdoor areas and living rooms.
  • Printed on 100% cotton and fully washable.
  • Printed in sophisticated as well as lively colourways.


“The New Tribal” Collection

Inspired by traditional folk craft such as embroidery from Uzbekhistan made for Bridal trousseaus. (known as Suzani), Indian wood cut designs - predominantly paisley motifs which originated in Jaipur (the centre of the block printing Industry in India). Arabian Mahendi design – women’s henna body painting and  a bold, contemporary, multi-coloured stripe.

Printed on various natural fibre basecloths including 100% cottons and linen blends. 


The latest: "African Mischief" Collection

Inspired by African tribal sophistication utlising elements from all over the continent.

Colours reflect the earthy tones of the African desert as well as the brilliant hues found in the Indian Ocean.