Jesse Breytenbach

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About Us

Jesse Breytenbach’s fabrics are block printed by hand, using carved linoleum blocks and water-based textile ink, on locally sourced cotton, linen, and vintage cloth.

Printing with small blocks, arranged to form the pattern repeats, keeps the designs flexible. This means that all designs can be kept in production indefinitely, and new motifs can be incorporated into or easily matched with existing patterns. It allows for endless variations on existing designs and a huge repertoire of possible colour combinations.

Small runs are printed as needed: when making fabric up into sewn items like bags or cushions, the pattern pieces are first cut and then printed, minimizing waste.

Inspiration for designs comes from vintage textiles, botanical prints, comic books, packaging and clip-art illustrations, and needlework, particularly pre-WW2 knitting and embroidery patterns.

Jesse Breytenbach is a member of "The Threadcount Collective".

The Threadcount Collective is a loosely-knit group of independent contemporary textile designers and producers, all living and working in Cape Town, South Africa.