Imiso Ceramics

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About Us

The Xhosa word "Imiso" means "Tomorrow". The owners however, took this further and with the inspiration of "Work today, change tomorrow", the slogan "Dawn of a new era" was born.

Imiso Ceramics is owned by four young motivated individuals, Andile Dyaivane, Abongile Madabane, Zizipho Poswa and Miamli Mayosi.

Imiso Ceramics was started in June 2006. Imiso Ceramics now exports pieces to Paris, New York and Austria among others.

Our decision to manufacture and sell from the same premises has been one of our success factors. Customers can watch and engage with artists and experience a sense of attachment with the product and the brand.

The vision for Imiso Ceramics is not only to be a distinctly unique African brand, but also inspire and be an example to young artists and entrepreneurs in South Africa.