Helen Vaughan Ceramics

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About Us

"Make a mark, draw with a stick in the sand. The transferral of creative energy through the handprint embraces my philosophy on the making of art and craft."

I originally trained as a textile designer, so pattern, rhythm, texture and it's relationship with colour is embodied in my work.

Sgraffiato or the scratched and etched mark is my signature which forms a red thread running through my craft.

Ceramics are either hand built or manipulated slipcast earthenware. Tall candleholders form the backbone of the studio. Sculptural vessels, bowls, and platters are an integral part of an ever experimenting and innovating range which supplies an international market.

A colour palette of red, aloe green, bronze patina and pewter plays with the unglazed whites of raw clay and has an appeal which resonates with the most contemporary settings while still retaining an earthy handcrafted aesthetic.