Haldane Martin

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About Us

Haldane Martin established in 2002, is a contemporary furniture design company based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The collection consists of over 30 unique furniture pieces, all originally designed and produced locally. Haldane creates a small number of new pieces each year which are exclusively manufactured by Haldane Martin.

"As a contemporary designer I try to meet the needs of the whole human being by designing furniture that is simultaneously meaningful for the spirit, beautiful for the soul, and nurturing for the body.


We need our environments and the objects that populate them to reflect our deeper intelligence and wisdom as human beings. Referring to our shared cultural history has been a way that I have incorporated meaning into my work. Personifying objects is another way of expressing myself as a creative human being. I believe that discovering this kind of intelligence in what surrounds us brings light to the human spirit.


We are all sensitive to a universal sense of balance, harmony, movement and proportion. We can be easier at peace with ourselves when beauty is present in our lives. I seek to develop my personal faculties of beauty by spending time studying nature, art, architecture and music. Most importantly, I strive to cultivate a healthy inner life. It is an artists soul that touches the world.


Here I stretch my definition of the body to include the body of the earth. To nurture the physical body I explore the principals of ergonomics and lifestyle. To nurture the earth, I seek to understand the principals of natural systems and to encourage their application in our human systems. Our home should support life on all levels.

By striving to meet the needs of the whole human being in an integrated way, my work creates a sense of belonging for all those that come into contact with it."

Haldane Martin has won a number of design awards, the most recent being the Real Simple SA - Green Innovation Award (Design) 2008, and the prestigious SABS DISA award for Zulu Mama 2007.

The furniture has been exhibited in Madrid, London, Paris, New York, Copenhagen, Oslo, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. The furniture has been featured extensively in the local press and international design publications. The most recent being DESIRE, an international hardcover design book published by Gestalten. Haldane was also a guest speaker on the main stage at the International Design Indaba Conference in 2007.

The furniture is specified for high end, domestic and hospitality interiors worldwide, for example the acclaimed desert retreat, Little Kulala in Namibia, and the Emirates VIP Lounges at OR Tambo Airport. The furniture can be purchased online or through select interior design businesses and boutique retailers in South Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Canada and USA.

The furniture manufacturing is outsourced to specialized component engineers and furniture manufacturers all over South Africa. The marketing, sales, outsourcing, quality control, assembly and logistics, is managed by a team of nine at the studio / showroom / warehouse in Woodstock, Cape Town.