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About Us

Gonsenhausers fine rugs, established in 1938, specialize in quality oriental rugs and carpets from all of the major weaving centres of the world. 

In touch with world trends, Gonsenhausers offer exceptional service including out of house decorating advice, approvals, certificates of authenticity, exchange guarantees, cleaning and restoration. Well patronized by Cape Town's top interior designers and architects, this institution continues to provide great value.

At Gonsenhausers, you will also find us sincerely committed to giving our customers genuine value for their money. The idea is simple: quality oriental carpets at fair prices.

We are proud to say that this straight forward approach has earned us a remarkable number of repeat customers who have made Gonsenhausers their preferred source for all their floor covering needs.



We offer many services including In-House Decorating Advice where our staff come out, at your convenience, to your home or office and take exact measurements and specifications of the carpets required. We then select a number of suitable pieces based on your preferences and present these to you for your consideration. The rugs are then left at your home on approval while you make your final decisions. 

We also offer Exchange Guarantees of between 1 and 3 years, where if during that time you redecorate or your tastes change, you are welcome to exchange your undamaged rug for one you prefer. 

Our Lifetime Guarantee on the production of all the handmade rugs we sell means that we can guarantee the rug you purchase will not fall apart in your lifetime. In addition we also provide Valuations, Certificates of Authenticity and a complete Cleaning and Restoration Service.

Charles Gonsenhauser attends all the major trade shows in Europe and the East as well as traveling far and wide on buying trips in order to keep ahead of the pack as far as trends go. We are well known for always having cutting edge top quality merchandise aimed at the décor industry.