David Krynauw

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Who am I?

A furniture designer that lives his philosophy: to always design with integrity. As long as I enjoy what I am doing, I believe there will always be an audience to appreciate my work.

My furniture looks deceptively simple, but the focus is to showcase the material by making the art of production as fine as possible, with uncompromising attention to detail as every piece passes through my hands.

Where am I from?

Growing up on a small farm near Piet Retief, Mpumalanga, I was introduced to carpentry early on by my father. The study of viticulture took me to Stellenbosch and my work experience included a season in California. However, the urge to design what the materials around me were demanding became so strong, that I returned to the farm after a few years and starting exploring furniture design in earnest. Having no formal training although one cannot discount the perfectionism my father ingrained in me design ideas come from all sources. Be it the final use, or the material itself that inspires me.

As a young man I feel it is important to be responsible in doing my part to conserve the environment. This is why I grow trees on the farm on a sustainable basis. I hope to produce many of my pieces out of either salvaged wood or timber that is grown in my forests.

On the farm, I have absorbed the respect for the surroundings and an eye on sustainability. Now, the popularity of what my hands can do and my head can dream up is drawing me into the next chapter.

Where am I going?

The value of nurturing my early years of design in the mileu of the farm I grew up on has been priceless. It has allowed me to focus on my authentic style and organic approach to design.

My enterprise seems to have been growing on its own accord, with features in magazines, both local and international, television appearances and invitations to join the Southern Guild Exhibition, serving as slingshots that propelled my work into the limelight.

In keeping pace with the demand for the designs, I have now moved my workshop to the heart of Johannesburg, where most of my customers are based, and I can keep a finger on the pulse of our continent. The work still remains essentially David Krynauw, with the added opportunities of frequent exchange of ideas with other designers.

What sets me apart:

Uncompromising attention to quality, detail and originality go into the designs that cover a spectrum from brutalistic to light and intricate. A desire for a fresh approach leads me to experiment with different shapes and forms to produce unconventional and inspiring pieces. The bulk of my work consists of original and unique creations and the focus is rather on establishing a synergy between client and product, as apposed to mass production.